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We are a full service general construction firm employing our own group of union carpenters and laborers. We continually look for carpenters at the beginning of their career so we can teach them the 'Droste' way of building. It's an inherent benefit to have our own work force working with their eyes open to the entire project, not just focusing solely on their task. This provides us with another level of quality control. Because we do a good deal of our work in the presence of our clients and their employees, we stress to both our employees and subcontractors to always be courteous, clean, and safe.


Over the years our list of experiences is vast, but we try to stay within what we consider our core strong suits. These include:


  • New owner-occupied commercial and light industrial buildings

  • Custom Homes           

  • Residential kitchen and bath remodeling            

  • Residential additions and stand-alone buildings             

  • Commercial remodeling and maintenance              

  • Historic Preservation                

  • Historic Renovations - re-purposing old buildings for new modern long term use                

  • Church and school renovations, remodeling, and maintenance                

  • Structural Repairs

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